Measuring Tapes and Plumb

To begin with we are pleased to show you solutions in the oil industry. That is why for the measurement we have the following products.

Plumb with the following specifications:

  • Scale in inches
  • Centimeters
  • Centimeters and inches in the same plumb

Besides measurement tapes of:

  • 18 Feet
  • 25 Feet
  • 33 Feet
  • 50 Feet
  • 66 Feet
  • 75 Feet
  • 100 Feet

Plumb Materials

  • Stainless steel
  • Copper

Tapes Materials

  • Epoxy Coated
  • Steely

That is, we adapt to the needs that are required.

Another of the elements we have are:

  • Thermo Plumbs that have built-in thermometer for the easy measurement of temperature.
  • Complete Tapes or Only Spare Parts (In Stock)
  • Plumb in Centimeters and Inches, (In Stock)
  • We can also manufacture stainless steel plumb
  • Vacuum Plumb (In Stock)
  • Thermo Plumbs (In Stock)
  • Complete Tape ready for measurement.
  • Ideal for tank and tank measurements.

As we mentioned before we have many more solutions, but with us you can be sure that we not only guarantee a high quality product, unlike many other companies we can advise your purchase.

 As a result, you can be sure that in Serteces Inc. can find products that favor the measurement process in record time.