Water Finding Paste and Accurate Gauging

Water Finding Paste and Accurate Gauging. First it is important to understand that the irruption of ethanol in naphthas and biodiesel in diesel, requires that the tanks be free of water so that the fuel does not harm the engines.

For this reason it is used the water detector paste, we also have the specific paste for ethanol is the “modified”, which is usually dark brown and turns bright red in contact with water. In any case to find mixtures of alcohol with percentages as low as 6% water, change the color to yellow.

In addition, it successfully measures the existence of water at the bottom of tanks of petroleum products and hydrocarbons, as well as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, ammonia, soap solutions, salt and other chlorine solutions.

Types of Paste

Water Finding Paste

kolor kut pasta detectora de agua

The Water Finding Paste is golden brown, in color and turns brilliant red upon contact with water. This product will successfully gauge water content in all petroleum and hydrocarbons as well as:

  • sulfuric acid,
  • nitric acid,
  • hydrochloric acid,
  • ammonia,
  • soap solutions,
  • salt and other chloride solutions.

How to use?
Place a thin film of kolor kut water finding paste on a clean gauge line or rod approximately where water level is expected to appear. Lower tape into tank until bottom is reached. level will appear by positive contrast of colors. instantaneous in gasoline, diesel, kerosene and gas oils.

Heavy oils require a few seconds.

Gasoline Gauging Paste

kolor kut pasta detector de agua

Kolor kut gasoline gauging paste is a light pink in color and turns red upon contact with

  • gasoline,
  • diesel,
  • naphtha,
  • kerosene,
  • gas oil,
  • crude oil,
  • jet fuels,
  • and other hydrocarbons. A most effective product level indicator.

Store at temperature range of 35° F to 115° F for preservation of product.

Water Finding Paste Reformulated & Oxygenated Fuels

water finding paste

Kolor Kut Modificated water finding paste as been designed for use in Methanol, Ethanol enriched fuel systems. Alcohols are soluble in fuels in all proportions when they are water-free but relatively small amounts of water can cause separations of alcohol from the fuel. The mixture settling to the bottom of the storage tank contains a high concentration of alcohol and cannot be detected by most water detection pastes.

Kolor kut modified
Water finding paste, changes dorm dark brown in color o bright red on contact with water. Phase separated alcohol solutions with as little as 6% water will turn the paste yellow. This product is designed for use in reformulated and oxygenated fuel systems. After testing, it seems that alcohol or deicing agents in fuels have very little effect on the performance of the product.