Cen-Stat™ Personnel Grounding Strap

The VESX45/PGS is a heavy duty stainless steel grounding clamp and wrist strap assembly that provides operators working in hazardous locations with an additional layer of protection against res or explosions caused be static electricity.

Through their own movements people can generate large amounts of static charge if they are not grounded. In some cases, as much as 30,000 volts can be carried by people who are completely unaware that they themselves are the potential source for an electrostatic spark discharge that could ignite a flammable atmosphere.

If the operating requirements of certain processes cause the loss of direct contact between the operator’s static dissipative safety shoes and the static dissipative flooring of the plant, the VESX45/PGS provides an added layer of protection to ensure the operator is grounded via the plant or bonded to the equipment they are interacting with.

For example, an operator may need to stand on a ladder to tip powder into a large mixer and in the process of moving to the ladder loses contact with the static dissipative flooring.

To ensure static cannot accumulate on the operator, by fastening the grounding strap to their wrist, any charge generated by their movement can be dissipated to ground by direct contact to a verified ground connection.


FM & ATEX approved Heavy Duty stainless steel grounding clamp

with tungsten carbide teeth mounted in a side-by-side configuration to provide a high degree of clamp stability and to bite through rust, coatings and deposits of process material.

12 ft. (3.7 m) spiral cable

fitted with a quick release connector enables operators to detach themselves in the event that they need to vacate the process area immediately.

1 meg-ohm safety resistor

mounted in the cable to prevent stray electrical currents passing through the operator.

Adjustable anti-allergy wrist strap

to fit a wide range of wrist sizes.

System Options

Personnel Grounding Strap Options

  • Personnel grounding strap with 12 ft. (3.7 m) spiral conductor and anti-allergy wrist strap.
  • Assembly including X45 stainless steel heavy duty grounding clamp.

Certification / Technical

ATEX Certified / Factory Mutual approved